Embroidery and Recommended Tips

Using a selection of threads from the 4 packs, here is a motif embroidered on natural Irish Linen. The textures are quite lovely.

This small motif is inspired by the border design on Edward Burne-Jones's tapestry Pomona , an embroidered version of which was stitched by Lady Jane Cory (1865-1947) in 1907. The panel, which became one of her most celebrated works, is based on the c. 1900 version of the figure with John Henry Dearle's millefleur background. Lady Cory had borrowed a copy of the design from Morris & Co. for five months while working on the panel and had drawn inspiration from the gardens at Castleboro, the Carews' Irish ancestral home in Co. Wexford, in shading the fruits and flowers. Pomona  was included among the works representing English embroidery at the First Australian Exhibition of Women's Work (Melbourne, 1907). The panel was bequeathed to The Dominion Museum, Wellington, New Zealand in 1947 and is currently in the collection of The Museum of New Zealand Te Papa Tongarewa.

Recommended tips for using Linblomman pure linen thread.

To retain the lustre of the linen thread and prevent it from fraying, cut the skein into 30 cm lengths. Use a crewel or tapestry needle with a large eye (minimum size 5 and 20 respectively).

Lynn Hulse, Ornamental Embroidery   www.ornamentalembroidery.com

Design worked by Gwyn Higginson, Ornamental Embroidery Stitch Group