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Talks and Workshops

I am fascinated by the history and heritage of the Irish Linen industry and have spent many years researching the connections and legacy of Irish Linen, flax and textiles. I enjoy sharing my passion for Irish Linen, from the history of flax and the importance of the linen industry in Ulster to the relevance of the flax plant today, as the world adjusts to the effects of climate change and seeks eco friendly textiles.

I have given talks and workshops to many different organisations and groups in recent years. From local history groups and Women's Institutes to international textile tours and museums, and the Linen Hall Library in Belfast. Most recently I delivered a talk as part of the European Heritage Open Days 2021 digital programme explaining the story behind Belfast's nickname 'Linenpolis'.

Workshops can include having the opportunity to handle museum quality textiles and hear about all things linen related. Both talks and workshops can be tailored to your particular needs and interests, the shortest talk being around 30 minutes.

If the ongoing Covid19 pandemic makes physical meetings of your group impractical, then I can provide a digital version of a talk if required.

If you are interested to have me speak, or you'd like to offer a workshop to your group, then please do get in touch by email using the link below.

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