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Irish Linen with whitework

Why Linen?

We're often asked "why linen?" so let us explain.

Linen is an incredibly resilient textile; it gets better with age as it softens, and back in the early 1900s it was advertised as the economical choice for the household. The initial investment might have been higher, but the life of the fabric was far longer than other types of cloth. This is part of the reason that so many beautiful pieces still exist which are almost 100 years old, and some even older.

Antique and vintage linens don't have to be kept for best as our grandmothers often thought. They should be used and enjoyed. The skilled weavers and embroiderers  who spent hours creating these beautiful pieces would have wanted them to be seen and appreciated.

Classic white hemstitch or drawn thread cloths look wonderful layered over a plain coloured cloth, really showing off the beauty of the stitching. A more contemporary way of using vintage linens.

Linen is easier to look after than you think. If you choose to iron your linens, just do so when they are still slightly damp and they'll look perfect. Otherwise leave to dry naturally for a more casual look. Damask will always look better when ironed, but just iron when still damp and it's ever so easy.

Linen is exceptionally absorbent whilst still feeling dry to touch. It has hollow fibres which absorb more moisture than any other material, making it the perfect choice for bathroom or kitchen towels. They dry really quickly too, so a linen huckaback towel is a smart alternative to bulky terry towels when at home and easy to pack when on your travels! And because linen is naturally anti-bacterial you won't have to wash it during your holiday.

So....why linen? Why not!

Drawn Thread Work
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