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Irish Linen washes without worry!

I recently bought a lovely set of Irish Linen Double Damask linens, a tablecloth and 6 napkins in the traditional Chrysanthemum pattern. Still in its box, and dating from the 1970s I think, I opened the package to find inside the most delightful leaflet entitled "Irish Linen washes without worry".

Here is it and it was full of great hints and tips, but also made me smile as it harked back to different times. Some of the descriptions are just charming, such as: "You can wash Irish Linen any way you like - by hand or in the washing machine, with plain soap and water or your favourite washing preparation." and "Irish Linen is simple to iron - and so rewarding too". Now I happen to agree with that, I love nothing better than ironing linen, to see it come up smooth and gleaming, but I know not everyone shares my passion!

I learned a few things too. It tells me that an ironing board cover made of Irish Linen and used for Irish Linen only, will help keep that lustrous sheen on tablecloths and linens, practically for ever! Now I know what to do with that cloth I found which sadly had a large hole in it. There was lots of information on stain removal too, and one that I found interesting was for removing lipstick marks. These sometimes appear on napkins, and the suggestion was as follows: "Rub lard into the stain. Sponge with dry cleaning fluid. Wash in warm suds and rinse as usual." Sounds unlikely, but I must try it sometime......

The one thing that is made abundantly clear is that Irish Linen is for using and enjoying, not keeping for "best". Articles of Irish Linen thrive on regular use and regular laundering and they last a lifetime. Sorry the body of the printed leaflet hasn't scanned more legibly, but I included it as I think the illustrations are just lovely! To illustrate the design on the cloth without having to unfold it, a diagram was also included in the box - even showing the design number for the pattern.

They certainly thought of everything!

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