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Use Your Linen, Don't Let It Languish in a Cupboard!

I am constantly hearing people say that they don't use their linen tablecloths any more, particularly embroidered ones as they think of them as too formal for the way we live nowadays. It is such a shame as in the interiors press and online I see lots of companies offering linen tablecloths and napkins and saying how wonderful the fabric is etc etc. But we know that already! Well there's no need to buy new if you already have vintage linen in your cupboard - just think of it a different way. People often regard taupe embroidered Madeira cloths as old fashioned or dated, but I love to use mine layered over a plain cloth and last weekend I set a table in the garden for a lunch with friends. Everyone loved the mix of old and new!

That got me thinking, so when the guests had gone I decided to take some more photos to show how you can use all those lovely cloths you have stored away. Look how different a traditional cutwork white linen cloth looks when you layer it over a brighter colour and team it with coloured glass and cutlery. Whoever said your "fine" linens couldn't be used in a less formal setting?!

Another classic white cloth, but this time teamed with a natural linen undercloth and brightly coloured napkins.

And those 1950s printed cloths look great when you bring them into the sunshine and set a summer lunch table.

Or a dainty embroidered teacloth makes a pretty table for a morning coffee or afternoon cuppa. I like to mix modern mugs with a gorgeous Royal Crown Derby milk jug, all in pink, white and gold!

So there we are - some suggestions for getting those lovely linens out of the airing cupboard and onto your table. And if you don't already have linens like this, then you'll find lots on the website!!

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